The Center for Health and Wellbeing serves students of all identities. If you identify as LGBTQIA+ you are welcome in our spaces and to use our services.

We recognize that some students who identify under the queer umbrella have experienced harm from the medical and healthcare system that may make them hesitant to access care. We strive to provide you with affirming care where you feel comfortable asking questions, getting answers, and where you feel supported and empowered in your health and healthcare decisions.

We offer a full spectrum of care for LGBTQIA+ students, including gender-affirming care. We can also collaborate with your existing health care team. As with all services within the Center for Health and Wellbeing, gender-affirming care is confidential. Many gender-affirming services, such as hormone therapy and voice therapy, are covered by UVM’s Student Health Insurance, as well as by many private health insurances.

On-Campus Resources

Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides comprehensive healthcare, including gender-affirming healthcare. Services include:

  • Ongoing clinical care, including laboratory monitoring
  • Beginning or continuing the use of prescription hormones
  • Referrals to specialists knowledgeable about gender transitions, including referrals for surgery, voice therapy, sperm or egg preservation, and hair removal
  • Full-spectrum sexual health care
  • Coordination with CAPS counselors
  • Coordination with any other members of your healthcare team

Counseling and Psychiatry Services (CAPS)

CAPS offers a variety of mental health and wellbeing services to support LGBTQIA+ students. These include:

  • Drop-in conversations with counselors at the Prism Center
  • Affinity-based individual counseling with LGBTQ+ counselors
  • Psychiatry services
  • Case management and coordination with Student Health Services

Call Counseling & Psychiatry Services to schedule an appointment with a CAPS counselor. You can also schedule appointments on MyWellbeing.

Positive Sexuality Support

Accurate, honest, relevant, affirming, and inclusive information about sexuality and relationships that centers pleasure (feeling good) and individual experience. Services include:

  • Confidential individual conversations with our resident sexual health educator about sex, sexuality, and relationships.
  • The Good Stuff peer-led positive sexuality group

Prism Center

The Prism Center serves the diverse queer and trans communities at the University of Vermont by supporting and empowering lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students, as well as students whose identities fall in between or expand beyond those categories. The Prism Center offers community, gathering spaces, identity groups, and more.

It maintains a list of community resources for LGBTQ students.




Student Health Services
(802) 656-3350

Counseling and Psychiatry Services
(802) 656-3340