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Sexuality is a natural and important part of being human and encompasses gender, sexual orientation, healthy relationships, sexual behavior, reproduction, pleasure, intimacy, and more.

Positive sexuality means that you accept and respect your sexuality and the sexuality of others without judgment, shame, violence, or discrimination.

Positive sexuality gives you the message that:
you are already whole
you are worthy of love
yes, you are normal just as you are.

You also deserve accurate, honest, relevant, and inclusive information about sexuality and relationships that centers pleasure (feeling good) and individual experience.


Free condoms, lube, and safer sex supplies available across campus.

Click here for locations. 

Sexual health clinical services

Available at Student Health Services. You can schedule through MyWellbeing

Sex Ed Office Hours

One-on-one confidential conversations that provide individualized, private, and confidential education and discussions around sex, sexuality, and relationships with our resident sexual health educator.

Tuesdays, 2-4, virtual (schedule through MyWellbeing)

Can't make this time? Email to arrange a time to meet. 

The Good Stuff

Positive group sexuality program facilitated by students and staff held weekly during the semester. The topics and discussions focus on the positive aspects of sex and sexuality with the goal of reducing stigma and shame around these topics.

Thursdays, 4:30-5:30, Living Well at the Davis Center (1st floor)

Campus-wide sexual health fairs

Learn about sexual health, pleasure-based sexuality, healthy relationships, sex toys, and more.

Group Workshops

Bring a sexuality educator to your group, club, team, or class. Topics can include sexual health and STI prevention, consent, healthy relationships, etc.



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