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  • Day 3

    day 3: Food

    “If you want a quality, act as if you already had it.”
    ~William James

Some people experience a lack of appetite when they cut back on cannabis. This is more likely if you often got high before meals. Cannabis tends to stimulate appetite. When used regularly, your appetite may have become dependent on cannabis to get it stimulated. Here are a few tips….

Act as if you are hungry and eat on a schedule. (Acting “as if” is a concept from Adlerian psychology, poached by Cognitive Behavior Therapy. It’s the idea of “fake it till you make it”. You act as if something is true, until it becomes true. The fact that this works shows the power of confidence…and that confidence can be created.)

Try not to skip meals. Eat at regular times and in regular amounts. But definitely don’t beat yourself up about not finishing something. (Eating something is better than nothing.)

Even though you may not feel hungry, your body still needs the food. If you don’t eat, you will feel more tired, irritable, and anxious. So, act as if you are hungry. Your appetite will return.

Note: cannabis stimulates appetite…until it doesn’t. For a small subset of people, after years of partaking, they develop a severe stomach pain called Hyperemesis Syndrome. This is likely due to a buildup of THC. Hot water can help with the pain in the moment. They should pause on weed and consult a doctor.