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  • Day 4

    day 4: CRAVINGS

    “Me can't get enough of these.”
     – Cookie Monster

Maybe cannabis was a big part of your life. Maybe not. Either way, it did something for you. Perhaps it helped you feel less anxious or less bored. When taking a T-Break, many people initially feel more bored/depressed, or more anxious/irritable.

It is a triple impact: you are avoiding a thing that once helped, you may be experiencing withdrawal, and you’re dealing with cravings.

These first days are hard. Actually, today—Day 4—may be the hardest. Some people quit at this point. Don’t. It will start getting easier.

Until it does, try these things:

When you are feeling an intense craving try to distract yourself:

  • Busy your body: change location, do laundry, exercise, move
  • Busy your mind: blast music, draw, create, call/text someone

When you are feeling moderate to low cravings try to center yourself:

  • Mediate: ride the craving… notice it, let it go
  • Reflect: what are you feeling? Physically what is happening?
  • Identify: look for patterns in cravings (time, place, feelings, etc)
  • Learn: what helps you ride them out?
  • Plan: no blame, no shame… just plan for the next craving.