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  • Day 1: Stay busy

    day 1: Stay busy

    “The first days are the hardest days.”
     – Grateful Dead

Some people can go from always being high and into a T-Break with no issues. 

The rest of us humans will experience some readjustment and discomfort: perhaps appetite, sleep, anxiety, irritability, etc. This guide can help and support you.  Together, we’ll address each of these things.

The hardest moments will be the times of day when you usually partake. That’s when your brain and body expects it.  You’ll get through it. It helps to be busy.

Perhaps you’ve been wanting to workout or meditate more. Perhaps there’s a show you’ve been looking to watch or a podcast you haven’t had the time for. Maybe there is a hobby you’ve been wanting to get better at. Now’s the time. Move, watch, learn, practice…whatever. Do something.

Consider having things to do that you can invite friends to. If someone invites you to smoke, invite them to a movie. It is a good idea to have things planned to do with friends. And it is a good idea to have things planned for when you are by yourself.