image shows a succulent leaf with an icon of a leaf in the far right
  • Day 0: Preparation


Pick a date to start your t-break. A 21-day stretch with some stability would be ideal. But there may never be a perfect time, and that’s ok. Give it a little thought, but just pick something.

Try to pick a date that is sooner than later- today even. Try not to have a big lead up. (That leads to procrastination.) If you have a routine, don’t increase it before your t-break. 

Stash and paraphernalia

Don’t have any cannabis around when you start. The closer it is physically, the more we desire to do it. It’s hardest if you can smell or see it so get rid of it.

Same with paraphernalia. If you are quitting, get rid of it. If you are just taking a pause and you have some really nice glass, hide it away. (Or let a friend hold on to it.) Consider this a tidying up. If you have cheap shit, throw it away.

With a little help from my friends

Identify who may be a support and tell them that you are taking a t-break. If other people in your life partake, they may even want to join you on this break. Most friends will understand you taking a t-break and will support you.

But there may be some people in your life who will question you and make this harder. Some friends may try and to get you back in the circle. You changing causes lowkey discomfort in them- and they will want you to go back to the routine that works for them.

Like putting away your piece, you may have to avoid them too.