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OSHA and EPA require specific training for different groups of employees. An employee may fall into several of these groups; the employee's supervisor must help them determine what training is required. There are many required courses that are not listed on this page; see the Risk Management websites specific to hazards, environments, and programs for complete information.

Asbestos and Lead Paint

Employees who work in projects involving lead paint or asbestos containing materials must be trained in the appropriate procedures for this work. Contact Physical Plant's Training and Compliance Office for more information. 

Bloodborne Pathogens

UVM personnel who may be at risk for occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens or other potentially infectious materials must receive initial and annual refresher training and other protections.  This information is provided in UVM's Exposure Control Plan,

Confined Space Entry

UVM employees who enter confined spaces as part of their job duties must be trained in accordance with the UVM Confined Space Entry Program.  Please see your supervisor to arrange this training specific to the needs of your workplace or contact Physical Plant's Training and Compliance Office for more information. 

Custodial Safety

Environmental Health & Safety staff participate in monthly Custodial In-Service trainings to review hazard identification, chemical safety, personal protective equipment, fire safety, and ergonomics.  Custodians should refer to their supervisors for the next In-Service training date or contact the Custodial Training and Development Coordinator at 802-656-5402.

Driver Safety Training

UVM employees and students are required to become Certified Drivers BEFORE driving for University-related business.  To become an Certified Driver, you must undergo a motor vehicle record check and complete two required online trainings.  Only Certified Drivers are permitted to drive a UVM owned, leased, or rented vehicle and are covered by the University's automobile insurance.  

Ergonomic Training

Ergonomic information and worksite evaluations can be obtained by calling the Risk Management office.

  • Training conducted by a previous employer or third party does not satisfy the UVM requirement unless it covers UVM specific procedures.
  • UVM departments have been found in violation of OSHA regulations even though the majority of their employees have adequate training documentation.
  • Contact the Risk Management Department if you have questions about other situations you encounter in your UVM work that may require additional training.
  • More ergonomic information

Fire Safety Training

Risk Management offers training and education programs in general fire safety and in the use of fire extinguishers throughout the year. Departments in need of fire safety training can contact Risk Management.

Laboratory Safety Training

Training is required to ensure that all lab employees are informed about the hazards with which they work. Additional lab-specific or building-specific safety trainings are required whenever new procedures or hazards are introduced.  Lab supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all lab personnel receive the appropriate training at the appropriate time.

Online annual refresher training (login reguired) is required for all lab personnel unless they are new to the lab for the calendar year.  

Laser Safety

Employees who work with lasers require laser safety training, which is available online (login required).  Further information on laser safety and related standards can be found on the OSHA Laser Hazard website.  


Employees who perform service or maintenance on machinery or equipment that may store hazardous energy or pose a hazard to the employee upon reenergizing may requiring training in UVM's Lockout/Tagout Program.  See your supervisor to arrange this training specific to the needs of your workplace.

New Employee Orientation

All new employees are required to attend a full day of Orientation upon starting work at UVM.  New Employee Orientation sessions take place on the first and third Monday of every month. 

New lab employees may be required to attend additional specialized training depending on the position for which they were hired and the hazards present in their lab. 

Radiation Safety Certification and Training Material

Laboratory workers who handle or purchase radiation sources must undergo a formal certification exam administered by the Radiation Safety Office.

Radiation Safety Office has a variety of ways that you can prepare for the certification exam.

If you have further questions or things are still unclear you may speak to the RSO personnel prior to taking the exam.

Faculty who need to procure radiation sources for research and/or teaching purposes must be formally approved by the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC).


Employees who are required to wear respirators at work must receive annual training in the proper use, storage, and maintenance procedures of their respirator.  Training may be conducted online or in person depending on the type, make, or model of the respirator.  

Employees who are authorized to wear a disposable N95 respirator on a voluntary basis have reduced requirements.  This also is explained in the respiratory protection program.

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