Hands-on Learning that Inspires

STEM Ambassadors are UVM students studying Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math, and trained to deliver experiential STEM activities to Vermont youth, both in-person and virtually. Their mission is to share the wonders of these fields, through hands-on learning experiences in the classroom, in afterschool programs and in other youth development programs, as well as through outreach at community events. STEM Ambassadors also connect Vermont youth to UVM campus resources through on-campus educational events, such as tours of the Engineering labs.

Using proven models of hands-on learning, STEM Ambassadors aim to inspire and motivate Vermont youth to pursue further education in the STEM fields, while also bringing awareness of STEM opportunities available to Vermont youth. STEM Ambassadors:

  • Are trained to facilitate learning modules based in STEM subjects, such as Engineering, Computer Science, Robotics, Healthy Living and Animal Science.
  • Receive training in safely working with youth, experiential education process, inquiry-based approaches, and facilitation of the learning modules.


STEM Ambassadors provide a window into the vast potential of the STEM fields. By providing dynamic, hands-on learning, STEM Ambassadors will inspire and create enthusiasm for STEM subjects. This program will build on the interest sparked in the classroom (or afterschool program) and help middle and high school students see themselves as scientists (or engineers, etc.) while also building mentorship and a connection to college students and potentially, to UVM faculty. Continued on-campus opportunities will engage Vermont youth with UVM and connect them with UVM STEM resources, for now and for their post-secondary planning. UVM students will have the opportunity to share knowledge they are learning in their respective majors and will gain valuable skills in collaboration, presentation, facilitation, and communication. 

Meet the Ambassadors

Environmental Science, Human
Health & the Environment Concentration

Civil Engineering

Biomedical Engineering
Molecular Genetics
Exercise Science
Animal Science
Biomedical Engineering
Molecular Genetics
Data Science
Animal Science
Data Science


Learn More

For more information about the STEM Ambassador Program, contact Margaret Coan at mcoan@uvm.edu

The STEM Ambassadors program is a collaboration between The College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) and The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Extension.


To find out more and/or to schedule an event or tour of Engineering facilities at UVM, contact Margaret Coan, 4-H Educator at mcoan@uvm.edu or call 802-651-8343 ext. 505.