The data science tool developed by UVM's Dodds and Danforth is capturing global attention

In episode #168 of popular podcast “Reply All,” co-hosts Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt take a look at the Hedonometer and speak with Peter Dodds, professor and co-director of UVM’s Computational Story Lab, about our happiness — and sadness — over time. Data from the Hedonometer reveals that May 31, five days after the killing of George Floyd, was the saddest day ever recorded by the Hedonometer. January 6, the day that insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol, marks another dive in global wellbeing.

Dodds also spoke about Text-Based Timeline Analysis & New Instruments for The Science of Stories on episode #48 of Complexity, a podcast produced by the Santa Fe Institute.

In fact, Peter Dodds and Chris Danforth and the team behind the Hedonometer have seen a lot of press recently. Take a look at the Hedonometer's early 2021 view of COVID through Twitter. The project's recent study is published by PLOS ONE. And read other coverage about this insightful tool that helps turn data into information:

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Geeda Searfoorce