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    Welcome to the Vermont Advanced Computing Center

  • "A New Kind of Engineering" caption over image of Xenobot

    Animal Robot

    Scientists, including UVM's Josh Bongard, have used AI to create self-replicating living robots dubbed Xenobots. Watch this new Scientific American video about Xenobots, "Animal Robot."

  • Photo of Jenn Karsen with photos of art created by AI in the background

    UVM Artist Uses Research and Artificial Intelligence to Create

    Utilizing the VACC to produce artwork via various machine learning processes, Lecturer Jenn Karson explores the crossroads between art and artificial intelligence.

  • Hedonometer time series: Average happiness for Twitter - all tweets in Russian

    UVM's Hedonometer Used to Measure Russian Sentiment Over War in Ukraine

    What do Russians think about the war in Ukraine? Scientists from UVM’s Computational Story Lab collaborated with data journalists at The Economist to find out.

    Using the lab’s Hedonometer, they analyzed sentiment in Russian-language Twitter and discovered that “mood has worsened eight times more than at the start of the covid-19 pandemic.”

    See “The war in Ukraine has made Russian social-media users glum.” (NOTE: This article is behind a paywall.)

    For more about the Hedonometer, see Invention: The Storywrangler.

Our high-performance computing (HPC) clusters support large-scale computation, low-latency networking for MPI workloads, and high-throughput AI and machine learning workflows.

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Help topics include connecting to the cluster, moving files, running a job, and more.

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VACC account holders join one of three tiers on a yearly basis.

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Data storage plans to meet the needs of VACC account holders and UVM faculty, including disk storage by tier, bulk file storage, and server backup.

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Research technology consultation, onboarding for those new to HPC, programming assistance, and incorporation of HPC into the classroom.

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Research storage, research VMs, and Globus (data transfer service) are available through Enterprise Technology Services (ETS). See Research Computing.