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    The DeepGreen Cluster

    Our new computing cluster can achieve speeds of over 1 petaflop, the equivalent of 20,000 laptop computers working in tandem.

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UVM Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC): Providing big data computational services for cutting-edge research

The UVM Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC) facilitates discovery by providing rapid access to large-scale advanced computing infrastructure while offering responsive technical support to our researchers.

We also provide tools and instruction allowing for the inclusion of high-performance computing in the classroom.

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Contact us at vacc@uvm.edu to discuss your specific computing needs in the earliest stages of your research.

AMD Gives UVM $1 Million to Boost Computing Power for COVID-19 Research


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A massively parallel cluster composed of over 70 GPUs capable of over 8 petaflops of mixed precision calculations based on the NVIDIA Tesla V100 architecture. Its hybrid design can expedite high-throughput artificial intelligence and machine learning workflows.

This project is funded by an award from the National Science Foundation, Major Research Instrumentation.


A multi-thousand-core, high-performance computing cluster, modeled after national supercomputing centers, supporting large-scale computation, low-latency networking for MPI workloads, large memory systems, and high-performance parallel filesystems.

This computing cluster can handle a wide range of researcher software and computational needs.