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    The "Bluemoon Cluster"

    Affectionately known by its many users as the "Bluemoon cluster," the UVM VACC supercomputer enables UVM students and scientists to make discoveries that deepen our understanding of the world.

UVM Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC): High-performance, big data computational services and cutting-edge research

The UVM Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC) facilitates discovery by providing rapid access to large-scale advanced computing infrastructure while offering responsive technical support to our researchers.

We also provide tools and instruction allowing for the inclusion of high-performance computing in the classroom.

Are you a researcher?

Contact us at vacc@uvm.edu to discuss your specific computing needs in the earliest stages of your research.

A new graphical user interface is being offered by VACC.  Viewpoint web portal enables file transfers between the desktop and the Bluemoon cluster, ease of job submissions via a GUI, and remote visualization of data and computations directly from the compute node.

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