• UVM's Supercomputer to Gain Massive Database Access Capability

    "DataMountain," UVM's new database cluster, will allow for near real-time access to enormous data files, supporting projects that require such speed to effectively analyze rapidly growing datasets.

  • Invention: The Storywrangler

    Powered by UVM's supercomputer, Vermont scientists have created a visualization tool to explore billions of social media messages, across 150 different languages, from the inception of Twitter to the present.

  • Scientists Create the Next Generation of Living Robots

    Meet Xenobots 2.0. Using the DeepGreen cluster, UVM computer scientists working with Tufts University biologists have created life forms that self-assemble and even demonstrate the capability of recordable memory.

  • AMD Gives UVM $1 Million to  Boost Computing Power for  COVID-19 Research

    UVM is among the first 21 schools the company has supported through its AMD HPC Fund for COVID-19 Research program.

    Read more about this gift.


Three high performance computing (HPC) clusters — BlackDiamond, Bluemoon, DeepGreen — which support large-scale computation, low-latency networking for MPI workloads, and high-throughput AI and machine learning workflows.

Data Management

Various data storage plans to meet the needs of our:

  • VACC account holders
  • UVM faculty

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Onboarding for those new to high performance computing (HPC), HPC in the classroom, programming assistance.

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VACC account holders join one of three tiers on a yearly basis.

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Principal Investigators (PIs) or IT support working with PIs may request an account.

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Knowledge Base

Help topics include connecting to the cluster, moving files, running a job, and more.


For account owners (PIs), not sponsored users.

VACC account owners can:

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  • Add/delete sponsored users