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    The DeepGreen Cluster

    Our new computing cluster can achieve speeds of over 1 petaflop, the equivalent of 20,000 laptop computers working in tandem.

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NOTE: You do not need VPN to access BlueMoon. For more information, see the documentation in Connect to the Cluster / Move Files.

UVM Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC): Providing big data computational services for cutting-edge research

The UVM Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC) facilitates discovery by providing rapid access to large-scale advanced computing infrastructure while offering responsive technical support to our researchers.

We also provide tools and instruction allowing for the inclusion of high-performance computing in the classroom.

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Contact us at vacc@uvm.edu to discuss your specific computing needs in the earliest stages of your research.

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Additional Storage

We now offer additional storage to users at $200/TB. See our Payment page for more information.

Expanded Documentation

Our documentation has been updated and expanded. See the new VACC Knowledge Base.

Researcher Stories

Discover how four of our researchers are using the VACC to advance their work. See Stories.


A massively parallel cluster composed of over 70 GPUs capable of over 8 petaflops of mixed precision calculations based on the NVIDIA Tesla V100 architecture. Its hybrid design can expedite high-throughput artificial intelligence and machine learning workflows, and its extreme parallelism will forge new and transformative research pipelines.

This project is funded by an award from the National Science Foundation, Major Research Instrumentation.


A multi-thousand-core, high-performance computing cluster, modeled after national supercomputing centers, supporting large-scale computation, low-latency networking for MPI workloads, large memory systems, and high performance parallel filesystems.

This general purpose computing cluster can handle a wide range of researcher software and computational needs.