Find a Job, Internship, or Co-Op

CEMS students at UVM have a wealth of opportunities to explore internships, co-ops, and job prospects. These experiences are crucial for professional development throughout your academic journey.

The majority of CEMS students complete one or more internships during their time as UVM undergraduates. Most often, CEMS students complete full-time internships over the summer, though many also intern on a part-time basis during the academic year - typically at companies in the greater Burlington area or remotely. Most students participate in internships for professional development and for pay, though some students also pursue academic credit for internships under certain circumstances.

Students in CEMS can receive credit for internships in accordance with the Policy on Internships for Academic Credit. Internship credit must be arranged prior to the start of an internship. Contact the CEMS Career Readiness Program to discuss further.

Whether you're seeking internships or full-time positions, we've got you covered. Here's how you can navigate this landscape:

Job & Internship Search

  • Make an appointment on navigate with Holly Fosher, the CEMS career readiness coordinator, or come in to Perkins 101 from 1:30-3:30 on Wednesday and Thursday for drop-in hours! You can go over your resume, get pointers to start your job/internship search, and conduct mock interviews.
  • Utilize our Internship and Job Guidebook (PDF) to discover valuable insights on how to find a job/internship.
  • Update your LinkedIn account to accurately reflect all the amazing work you are doing, and search for jobs that may be a good fit. Utilize the platform to connect you with industry experts and provide access to a wide range of job openings.
  • Handshake is an online job portal just for college students offering a diverse selection of job/intership opportunities to apply to.
  • Gain real-world experience by particpating in the UVM Job Shadowing Program
  • Consider the Vermont Business for Social Responsibility (VBSR) Intern Program to explore internships with socially responsible local businesses.

CEMS Cooperative Education (Co-Op) Program

Students in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) at UVM can pursue 6-9 month, full-time work opportunities, also known as co-ops, in accordance with the CEMS Cooperative Education Program Policy. Co-op opportunities may be available with specific companies or agencies that work closely with the College, or student may pursue outside co-ops. Either way, co-ops careful require planning beforehand. Any student wishing to pursue a co-op experience should meet with the CEMS Career Readiness Coordinator to discuss further details about the program, how to find co-op opportunities, and what needs to be completed prior to starting a co-op.


Paid opportunities to complete a real-world CS Project for CEMS employers. Register as a CatCoder here.

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