The College of Engineering and Mathemetical Science at UVM offers over 100 active and project-based learning courses, which engage students in hands-on and applied problem-solving throughout the curriculum (read more about active and project-based learning here). In field courses, students learn to use state-of-the art equipment and standard protocols. In service learning courses, students apply their learning to help solve a problem or need identified by a community partner (read more about service learning at UVM here).

Featured Stories

Lisa Dion Leads Wave of Fearless Girl Coders in Vermont

Lisa Dion, Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, helped promote computer science teacher education programs in Vermont. When the pandemic hit, Dion shifted the class meetings online. Students were used to using Zoom in their school classes, so it was a fairly easy transition—for the girls at least. “We’d been working in Teams (at UVM), so I leaned on the class to help me figure out how Zoom worked”. In 2020 she received the Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce ATHENA Young Professionals Leadership award. Read more. 

CEMS First Year Seminar (CEMS 050)

Over thirty undergraduate Peer Mentors welcome the incoming first year class to CEMS. Courtney Giles, Lecturer, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, teaches the new CEMS 050 First Year Seminar Course to over 300 first time first year students each year. This hands-on course would not be possible without the help of the 30+ undergraduate peer mentors that help to facilitate the course and guide students in their first semester. Read more. 

CEMS Peer Mentor Internship Program

Second, third, and fourth year students in CEMS are invited to participate in the Peer Mentor Internship Program and to attend a two-day intensive leadership training prior to meeting their 8-10 student mentees at the beginning of the fall semester. Over the course of the semester, incoming students are welcomed to the college, introduced to important resources and opportunities at UVM, and guided through a semester-long project in which they practice key skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.  Read more. 


Active and Project-Based-Learning Courses in CEMS

Biomedical Engineering

BME 187 Senior Design
BME 188 Senior Design
BME 296 Nanobiomaterials

Civil Engineering

CE 001 Statics
CE 003 First year CEE Design
CE 010 Geomatics
CE 132 Environmental Systems
CE 151 Water and Wastewater Eng
CE 172 Structural Steel Design
CE 173 Reinforced Concrete
CE 182 Geotechnical Principles Lab
CE 185 Capstone Design I
CE 186 Capstone Design II
CE 218 Numerical Methods for Engineering
CE 241 Traffic Operations & Design
CE 247 Sustainable Resource Recovery & Design
CE 250 Fate & Transport of Organic Chemicals
CE 253 Transportation & Air Quality
CE 254 Environmental Quantitative Analysis
CE 255 Physico-Chemical Processes of Water & Wastewater
CE 262 Advanced Hydrology
CE 263 Applied River Engineering
CE 265 Ground Water Hydrology
CE 271 Advanced Structural Analysis
CE 272 Structural Dynamics
CE 273 Structural Design - Wood
CE 285 Geo-Energy Systems
CE 288 Geoenvironmental Engineering

Computer Science

CS 008 Intro Web Design
CS 020 Programming for Engineers
CS 021 Programming I
CS 110 Intermediate Programming: Java
CS 120 Advanced Programming
CS 121 Computer Organization
CS 124 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 125 Computability and Complexity
CS 142 Advanced Web Design
CS 145 QR: Web Client Programming
CS 148 Database Design
CS 201 Operating Systems
CS 202 Compiler Construction
CS 205 Software Engineering
CS 206 Evolutionary Robotics
CS 211 Data Privacy
CS 225 Programming Languages
CS 226 Software Verification
CS 228 Human Computer Interaction
CS 254 QR: Machine Learning
CS 265 Computer Networks
CS 275 Mobile App Development I
CS 287 QR: Data Science I
CS 292 Senior Seminar
CS 295 Mobile App Development II
CS 302 Modeling Complex Systems
CS 352 Evolutionary Computation
CS 354 Deep Learning

Electrical Engineering

EE 001 First Year Design Experience
EE 082 Linear Circuits Lab II
EE 084 Circuits Design Project
EE 100 Electrical Engr Concepts
EE 120 Electronics I
EE 121 Electronics II
EE 171 Signals & Systems
EE 180 Engineering Ethics/Leadership
EE 183 Electronics Laboratory
EE 184 Electronics Design Project
EE 185 Systems and Applications Lab
EE 186 Telecommunications Lab
EE 211 Real-Time Control Systems
EE 228 Sensors
EE 295 Advanced Circuit Design
ENGR 002  Graphical Communication


MATH 009 College Algebra
MATH 010 Pre-Calculus Mathematics
MATH 015 Elementary School Math
MATH 018 Basic Mathematics
MATH 019 Fundamentals of Calculus I
MATH 020 Fundamentals of Calculus II
MATH 021 Calculus I
MATH 022 Calculus II
MATH 023 Transitional Calculus
MATH 030 Algebra for Educators
MATH 040 Geometry for Educators
MATH 052 Fundamentals of Mathematics
MATH 121 Calculus III
MATH 122 Applied Linear Algebra
MATH 124 Linear Algebra
MATH 161 Development of Mathematics
MATH 255 QR: Elementary Number Theory
MATH 284 Capstone Experience
MATH 331 Theory of Functions of Complex Variables
MATH 333 Theory of Functions of Real Variables
MATH 351 Topics in Algebra

Mechanical Engineering

ME 001 First-year Mechanical Engineering Design Experience
ME 003 Intro to Robotics
ME 081 Mech. Eng. Machine Shop
ME 111 System Dynamics
ME 123 Thermo-fluid Lab
ME 124 Materials and Mechanics Lab
ME 185/186 Senior Capstone Design (SEED) I & II
ME 249 Computational Fluid Engineering
ME 259 Computational Solid Mechanics
ME 265 QR: Integrated Product Development


STAT 051 Probability With Statistics
STAT 111 Elements of Statistics
STAT 151 Applied Probability
STAT 183 Basic Statistical Methods
STAT 200 Med Biostat & Epidemiology
STAT 201 Stat Computing & Data Anlysis
STAT 223 Applied Multivariate Analysis
STAT 231 Experimental Design
STAT 241 Statistical Inference
STAT 281 Statistics Practicum
STAT 287 Data Science I