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Accelerated Masters Programs (AMP)

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What does the AMP offer?

  • Earn a Master of Science in as little as one additional year after completion of your Bachelor's degree
  • Students can double-count two pre-approved courses (6 credits) at the 5000 or 6000 level taken during their senior year towards both bachelor's and master's degrees
  • Students can take one additional pre-approved graduate course (3-credits) during their senior year that will count only towards the MS degree
  • AMP students thus require only 21-24 additional graduate credits to complete their MS following completion of their bachelor's degree
  • No GRE required for admission to any CEMS AMP

What AMP programs are available in CEMS?

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biostatistics
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Complex Systems & Data Science
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Statistics

Who is eligible?

UVM undergraduate students in any major who have all of the following:

  • one or two semesters remaining before completion of their bachelor's degree
  • minimum 3.2 GPA (some exceptions may be made, if warranted)
  • sufficient prerequisite coursework for the master's program you're applying to (see below)

What degree options are available through the AMP?

Each AMP program offers one or more of the following option (see table at end):

  • Coursework only option
  • Project option (requires agreement of a project advisor)
  • Thesis option (requires agreement of a thesis advisor)
  • All three options require 30 graduate credits for completion

Is funding available for AMP students?

  • Limited Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) may be available on a competitive basis
  • Limited Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs) may be available on a competitive basis
  • Partial Tuition scholarships are available for all students not funded through a GTA or GRA. These scholarships will provide 30% of the tuition cost for the remaining 21-24 graduate credits taken after completion of the Bachelor's degree, provided the student maintains a GPA of at least 3.0 in their graduate work

What are the course prerequisites for the different M.S degrees in CEMS?

  • Each Master's program has its own course prerequisites
  • Please consult the Graduate Catalogue and/or the Graduate Program Director for the particular program you're interested in to determine whether or not you will have completed the necessary prerequisites by the time you complete your Bachelor's degree (see table below for links)
  • Students who are missing 1 or 2 prerequisites may be given a conditional admission to the AMP, but would have to complete these courses in addition to the credits applied to the Master's degree
Links to Specific Graduate ProgramsGRE required?Coursework Option?Project Option?Thesis Option?Graduate Program Director
Biomedical EngineeringNoYesYesYesAmber Doiron
BiostatisticsNoYesYesYesJeff Buzas
Civil & Environmental EngineeringNoYesYesYesEric Hernandez
Complex Systems & Data ScienceNoYesYesNoNick Cheney
Computer ScienceNoYesYesYesByung Lee
Electrical EngineeringNoYesYesYesMads Almassalkhi
MathematicsNoYesNoYesJoan Marie Rosebush
Mechanical EngineeringNoYesNoYesFrederic Sansoz
StatisticsNoYesYesYesRich Single
PhysicsNoYesYesYesValeri Kotov

How and when do I apply?

  • Prospective AMP students must apply for admission through the Graduate College
  • Applicants will automatically be considered for partial tuition scholarships; no separate application is necessary
  • The AMP Permission form found HERE is a required part of the application and requires both a signature from first, the Faculty Graduate Program Coordinator and then CEMS Graduate Program Coordinator, Jane Kimble, at (listed as the Undergraduate Dean’s Office signature).   Prospective AMP students must also notify the appropriate Graduate Program Director as to
    • which courses they would like to double-count for both Bachelor's and Master's degrees (for this they can consult a faculty and/or Graduate Program Director affiliated with the particular graduate program)
    • whether they're planning to do a coursework only, project, or thesis option, and
    • for project or thesis options, who has agreed to be their graduate advisor (note that upon starting their Master's degree, the thesis/project advisor can be changed)
  • Applications are typically completed in the second semester of the junior year, but must be completed at least one month prior to the semester in which the student wishes to take courses that will double-count for both Bachelor's and Master's degrees so that there is enough time to be admitted to the Graduate College before coursework that will double count is taken.