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We try to accommodate every student who wants to participate in Band, so the audition process is really more of a "placement". However, since the instrumentation of the group needs to be well balanced, occasionally some players (particularly flutes and alto saxes) may not be able to be placed.

Audition Requirements 2019-20

Auditions will take place only during the first week of classes in August - click here to go to the scheduling website (NOTE: Auditions are at various times on Aug. 27-30; for those of you returning, we are using a new app this year).

You should expect to play 3 scales, a chromatic scale, and a short etude/solo. 

1. The following scales (NOT concert scales, so start on your C, Bb, and D) in at least 2 octaves whenever possible (the more octaves you do, the better your score will be):

  • C Major
  • B-flat Major
  • D Major
  • and a chromatic scale of your choice (full octaves only)

2. Short etude (found below as PDF files)


  1. Sometimes the etude is for multiple instruments, so if there is a note(s) out of your range, please feel free to adjust up or down an octave.
  2. Percussion - please play as many of the etudes etudes as possible (snare, timpani, and mallets) to demonstrate your ability/experience on that instrument.
UVM Concert Band rehearsal


D. Thomas Toner