Mongolian music workshop at UVM

All music majors and minors are assigned a full-time music faculty member as an academic advisor, with expertise in the student's area of study.

Frequency of advisor meetings

Students should plan to have a meeting with their advisor at least once a semester to discuss their schedule for the following semester and review their progress within their course of study as well as the college distribution requirements.

Declaring a major or minor

All students wishing to become music majors must first pass the Entrance (Level II) Audition (except concentrators in Music Technology and Business, who must pass the Entrance Audition before their Senior Project or Internship).

To declare the music major or minor, please use the declaration form on the Registrar's website.

There is no audition required to declare a music minor.

Help with the planning process

By the beginning of the third year, students should perform a Degree Audit Report on the Registrar's website. This report will aid the planning process for the student's final semesters and can help prevent schedule complications.

Advisement with a music minor

Music minors are assigned an advisor in the department based on their instrument(s) and interests. Please e-mail us if you need an advisor to be assigned to you. We also offer group advising sessions for minors twice a year, usually in April and November.


Course substitution, transfer credits, and credit for high school AP courses should be discussed with the department chair rather than the academic advisor.

Extended absences, leaves of absence, study abroad, and similar large-scope issues should be discussed with an advisor in your college dean's office.

Music Advisors

B.A. Classical Performance:

B.A. Jazz Studies:
Prof. Alex Stewart

B.S. Music Education:
Prof. Patricia Riley

B.A. Music Technology and Business
Prof. David Feurzeig

B.A. Music History and Literature
Prof. D. Thomas Toner

B.A. Music Composition and Theory
Prof. Patricia Julien

Bachelor of Music
Prof. Patricia Riley

Your current advisor appears on myUVM under the Advising link on "My College/School."