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The B.A. in music offers students the opportunity to indulge extensively in their music work while devoting time to studies outside of music.

All students interested in majoring in music must first pass an entrance audition on an instrument or voice. In order to complete the major, all students must attain intermediate level on a single instrument or voice; must have or acquire piano skills sufficient to pass the piano proficiency examination; and must pass a junior standing examination, usually at the end of the sophomore year.

Jazz Studies concentrators learn intermediate music theory, jazz improvisation and composition, and take several courses in jazz history and culture. There is a strong emphasis on private lessons and performing ensembles -- such as University Jazz Ensemble, Latin Jazz Orchestra, and Jazz Vocal Ensemble -- each semester. The capstone requirement is a Senior Recital.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the B.A. in Music degree with a Jazz Studies concentration, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate advanced skill on a single instrument or voice
  • Demonstrate advanced jazz improvisation skill
  • Describe and apply intermediate jazz harmony knowledge and skills
  • Describe and apply intermediate music history and literature knowledge
  • Demonstrate intermediate proficiency on the piano
  • In their professional life (after graduating) alumni apply skills, knowledge, and proficiency attained


Beyond the classroom

Jazz Studies majors usually play in the University Jazz Ensemble and/or in one of the smaller jazz combos: Nonet, Post-Bop, Guitar Ensemble, Chromaticats, and Jazz Vocal Ensemble. Burlington's vibrant jazz scene means that there are enormous performing opportunities for jazz students, even while they pursue their undergraduate education.

Current undergrads frequently perform at venues such as Hotel Vermont's Juniper club, The Light Club Lamp Shop, Radio Bean, and the Discover Jazz Festival each June. Many students have the opportunity to perform alongside jazz faculty members such as Ray Vega. Others form their own bands with students and alumni.

Learn from the best

Our jazz faculty includes a Fulbright scholar, a Grammy Award winner, and a recipient of the Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award. View our faculty directory.

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