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A minor allows students to delve into an area of interest that is outside the major. Courses in the minor are distributed among the fields of music history/literature, music theory, and performance.

We offer a music minor in three concentrations:

You do not have to audition to become a music minor. Declare the music minor through your myUVM portal.

Who minors in music?

The short answer is "all kinds of people!" Music minors tend to be students who were involved in music in high school, want to stay involved in college, but don't want to pursue music as a career. So if you have a keen interest in learning more about music technology or world music, music theory or the history of jazz, and want to take lessons or participate in one of our many ensembles, a music minor can be right for you!

We encourage you to talk to a faculty member about  minors, or contact the Music Program office for more information. We also offer group advising sessions for minors each semester, usually in April and in November.

How do the three music minors differ?

The general music minor is constructed with the idea of giving minors a broad overview of music history/literature, music theory/composition, and music performance. This is especially popular with students who want to participate in an ensemble or take lessons; these students often plan to take about 6 credits of lessons/ensembles anyway, so the two classes in music theory and two classes in music history/literature make the minor fairly easily attainable.

The Music Technology and Business minor is geared for students interested in music history/literature and music theory, but who are particularly interested in a hands-on minor that explores the technological side of music. Students take classes in the Music Technology Lab and the new Recording Studio.

The Musical Theatre minor combines acting, movement, and music (with an emphasis on vocal training) for students interested in having a minor focus that combines study in music, dance, and theatre.


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