Art Professor Madsen Minax wins Guggenheim

Experimental filmmaker developing new project on body-modification pioneer
Madsen Minax

Artist and filmmaker Angelo Madsen Minax explores sex and death—and what happens “when you put them in the same place,” he says. “That raises the possibility for birth and reproduction in the same place as death. And that's an interesting conversation to me—and that's an idea that I put out into the world and let people think about.”


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UVM Green in fall colors with Williams Hall in the background

Welcome New Faculty!

The department welcomes three new members in fall 2021: Harris Fellow Sara Garzón, Visiting Artist Ace Lehner, and Harris Fellow Christopher Kojzar.

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Sabi Ward '24 and Lisa Goldberg carry stuffed catamount

A Catamount Comes Out

Sophie Feldman ’22 quietly, gently reaches out with a soft brush and dabs the tail feathers of a magnificent duck. It sits perfectly still. In fact, it’s been sitting still for decades, collecting dust in the lobby of Benedict Auditorium on campus—one member of a remarkable, but neglected, taxidermy collection of stuffed birds and other creatures that extends back to at least the 1850s.

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