Art and Art History offers curricular (for credit) and extracurricular (non-credit) internship experiences as valuable complements to classroom learning experiences.

Curricular internships are offered in each of the degree programs in Art and Art History including ARTS 191 (studio art), ARTH 191 (art history), and a variety of internship experiences in public schools and community programs (art education). Curricular internships require support from a faculty sponsor or program advisor.

Extracurricular internships may take place at any time but are usually undertaken during the summer or post-graduation.  These non-credit opportunities do not require UVM supervision or a faculty sponsor; nonetheless, a faculty member should be consulted for advice.

Internship Support Awards

The Department of Art and Art History encourages internships as a valuable component of an undergraduate education; therefore, Art and Art History is pleased to continue our internship support award program through which a student may obtain a grant of up to $1000 to support an internship that otherwise may not be financially feasible.

Art and Art History is especially interested in supporting students who secure internships that offer considerable learning opportunities not available in the Burlington area. Examples of potential internship opportunities include: artist studios/production studios/design studios, museums/galleries/auction houses, museum-based or community-based art education sites, artist agencies.

Continuing studio art, art history, or art education majors, as well as recent graduates are eligible to apply for an internship support award. (Yes, applications for support of post-grad internships are encouraged.)

Art and Art History Internship Support Awards are provided through the generosity of UVM alumna, Elizabeth van Merkensteijn.

  • Anna Duckworth

    Intern hones skills at Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

    Anna Duckworth ’20 of Woodbury, Conn., has a double major art history and art education, with an independently designed minor in museum studies. In the summer of 2019 she worked as a studio art Intern at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She received assistance from a College of Arts and Sciences Internship Scholarship which covered her living expenses. “Boston is expensive, so it would have been impossible for me to complete this internship without that funding,” Duckworth worked with children ages 5-18 in studio art classes offered at the museum throughout the summer. She was paired with a teaching artist to educate children about art-making and art history, with a curriculum influenced by pieces in the museum’s collection. Duckworth said the internship gave her opportunities to apply lessons she’s learned in her UVM classes. “Whether I was teaching kids about the cultural significance of a certain work, or encouraging them to use Visual Thinking Strategies, almost everything I did touched on something I’ve learned about in class.” She sees the experience as future changing. “It’s given me a sense of direction about where I want to end up after graduation by showing me what is really possible in the museum world.”

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Amelia Garrison '16

"Under direction of the SFMOMA Individual Giving Department, I curated a stewardship event for donors and their families to have greater accessibility to the museum. This was a result of major research on successful museum family programs nationally and internationally, as well as fieldwork with donors to construct a relevant and meaningful program. My final end project was presented to various departments of the SFMOMA (Curatorial, Development, Human Resources, and Individual Giving), and will be implemented in the spring of 2017. Cumulatively, all aspects of my project utilized skillsets that I gained while studying Art History and Anthropology at the University of Vermont. From research strategy and critical thinking, to fieldwork and public speaking, I could not be more grateful to the University of Vermont for providing me with life skills that have already benefitted my career as a recent graduate." –Amelia Garrison '16



"I had a terrific internship working one on one with Kelsy Parkhouse, the designer and founder of Carleen in Brooklyn, NY. I was able to experience nearly every part of executing a successful women's clothing line. I recommend that everyone undertake an internship before graduating, as mine helped me feel so much more at ease about the future." –Kailey Rinder ‘16