Studio art professor Mildred Beltré is part of the group exhibit Isness at the Morgan Lehman Gallery 2, 526 West 26th Street, Suite 419, New York, NY.  Contributing artists are:  Yevgeniya Baras, Mildred Beltré, Danielle Dimston, Tim Doud, Jackie Feng, Rico Gatson, Howardena Pindell and Didier William. The exhibit is curated by Austin Thomas.

Selective definitions of isness include the quality of being; existence as something.  The ability to live in a world of what is. Presence. Living in the now. I am therefore I is. "Isness" is the moment. "Isness" is what is going on right here, right now, whether we like it or not.  March 15 - April 28, 2018   Opening reception Thursday March 15 6-8pm


Simone Blaise-Glaunsinger