Registration for non-classroom courses below requires instructor permission, obtained by reading, completing and submitting the appropriate form.

For Independent Study, students must propose a course of study per the directions on the form. The proposal will need to demonstrate the student’s capacity for independent work in terms of concept and work plan. Independent Study is for Studio Art majors only and should only be embarked upon if the media the student wishes to work with has been exhausted (they’ve taken a 3000-level course in it) or is not offered in our program. Students will choose a faculty member that you wish to advise your work and ask them to approve it. If they are available and do approve, the form goes to the Program Head for their approval. If the Program Head approves, they will perform the override that gives the student the ability to register for the course. Contact for more information.

For more information about these courses, see the current Course Catalogue course inventory.