UVM Art + AI installation featured in international exhibition

The UVM Art + AI Research Group’s installation “Team Picks” is featured in the international exhibition Aberrant Creativity: Unusual Partnerships Between Humans and Machines, an exhibition at Texas A&M exploring the boundaries between our machines and ourselves. Work in the show challenges AI, seduces AI into creative partnership, or leads it astray into play and joy. Visitors are invited...

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oak leaves after moths have eaten them

Vermont artist uses AI to examine damaged leaves

WCAX - The UVM Art and AI Research Group has created a project that director Jennifer Karson says begs the question: Can technology save us from the climate crisis?

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Rizzo, Thompson, and Karson, plus Co-Created graphic

Where Art and Science Meet

I recently interviewed Chris Thompson, curator of the Burlington City Arts' exhibition Co-Created: Artists in the Age of Intelligent Machines, and Donna Rizzo, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and an advisor for the Vermont Art

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