Some public monuments have to come down

By Mary O’Reilly

As the nation examines its history with race and racism, a national debate about the place of monuments that celebrate parts of that past is sweeping across the U.S.

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Showcasing Students

Each semester Williams Hall transforms into an exhibition space showcasing the work of current studio art students. Currently on view is the work of UVM Junior and Art Education major Daisy Hutter. This piece is Daisy’s response to a project assignment in Senior Lecturer Margaret McDevitt’s Advanced Sculpture class titled: Distance, Mask, and Remote.

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Painting by Steve Budington

Into the Wilderness

Weighing a question about research that might precede his work on a painting, Steve Budington pauses to consider. “I think it’s hard to tease that out as a separate event,” he says. “There is not a ‘before the studio, and during the studio, and after the studio.’ It is more of a living organism; it’s never really been a linear progression for me.”

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