Your academic advisor can be an invaluable source of information, so plan to meet frequently. Course selection for the upcoming semester, career options, and other educational decisions are matters to discuss as well as any problems that may affect one’s academic performance. Often, students and advisors foster lifelong friendships.

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) have a lot of freedom when it comes to pursuing their academic passions. That freedom can be both exciting and intimidating! Your academic advisor’s main job is to help you navigate your options, understand your requirements, and guide you in designing an academic path that suits your unique interests and perspectives.

In our College, every student is assigned at least one academic advisor. If you have multiple majors, or if you have certain minors, you may have a second, third, or even fourth advisor assigned. You may also seek advice from those who aren’t assigned to you, such as trusted faculty members, counselors, advisors from the Identity Centers, and others. Every student’s support system is just as individualized as they are. But rest assured—when you don’t know where to go for advising, your assigned advisor is a great place to start.

All About Assigned Advisors

Assigned advisors come in two forms: professional and faculty.

The only job of a professional advisor (PA) is to support students, answering whatever questions you may have and referring you to campus support services when needed. PAs will help you familiarize yourself with CAS and UVM on a general level.

A faculty advisor is a professor who teaches in your chosen major. Your faculty advisor will help you understand the opportunities within your major and offer guidance as you begin considering what awaits you outside of UVM.

If you are a first-year student, or if you are a sophomore majoring in Psychological Science, Biology, Biological Science, Neuroscience, Zoology, Environmental Studies, or Undeclared, you have a PA. All other students work with faculty advisors.

What you can expect from your advisor

Your advisor will:

        - Be familiar with and help you navigate degree requirements and academic standards.

        - Help you plan a path to graduation that takes into consideration factors such as studying abroad, taking a leave of absence, or graduating early.

        - Know how to read your degree audit and request that any needed degree audit exceptions be made.

        - Offer advice on course selection.

        - Be familiar with, and refer you to, appropriate campus resources.

        - Contact you via email at least once per semester (likely multiple times!).

        - Be available to meet with you via appointment or drop-in, either in person or remotely via Teams or phone call.

        - Respond in a timely manner when you email questions or concerns.

        - Follow up with you after an appointment.

What your advisor expects from you

Every College of Arts and Sciences student is expected to:

        - Check your UVM email daily.

        - Know how to find the name and contact info for your academic advisor. (Hint: it’s in your myUVM portal under the “Advising” tab.)

         - Know where to find your degree audit and have a rough sense of how to read it. (Hint: Your degree audit also lives in your myUVM portal under the “Advising” tab.)

        - Come prepared for appointments with questions, concerns, and/or comments.

About general avisors

The College of Arts and Sciences also offers general advising through our Student Services office. If you’re ever uncertain where to send a question, you can always start with us! Some common supports we provide are:


        -Major/minor changes

        -Understanding your degree audit

        -Navigating academic policies

        -Planning future semesters

        -Course registration

        -And much more!


No matter who your assigned advisor is, general advisors are always available to help. The same is true if you’re interested in transferring into our College.


How to contact your advisor

You can find your advisor’s name and contact info in your myUVM portal under the “Advising” tab. Start by emailing your advisor to ask specific questions or request an appointment.

What to do if you haven't been assigned an advisor

If there is no advisor listed for you under the “Advising” tab in your myUVM portal, email Student Services at We’ll help get you assigned to someone. 

What to do if your advisor isn't answering your emails

Advisors may not be able to respond to you immediately, particularly during busy periods like Course Registration or Add/Drop. Please allow your advisor 72 hours to respond to your email before contacting them again. If you do not hear from your advisor after multiple attempts to reach them, please email Student Services at

Important information for graduating seniors

All graduating seniors and prospective graduates are expected to:

        - Continue to check your UVM email daily, especially in the weeks leading up to graduation. Carefully read any message regarding your requirements and respond if you have questions or concerns. Please don’t schedule an appointment until you’ve received a reply to your response.

        - To ensure that there aren't any last-minute issues, complete the “Intent to Graduate” form the semester before you plan to graduate.

        - Review your degree audit to ensure it’s accurate and contact your advisor if you see any errors or requirements marked as unmet. Students will not be certified to graduate unless their degree audit shows that all requirements have been met.

        - Meet with your assigned advisor at least once during your senior year to review remaining requirements and discuss any academic issues that may arise.

        - Resolve all issues related to incompletes, missing grades, and grades of SP on your record.


Commencement information for seniors:

        - To participate in the Commencement ceremony and receive your diploma, you must have completed all the necessary requirements by the end of the spring semester. You may be permitted to participate in the ceremony if you are within 2 courses (no more than 8 credits) of completing your degree, but you will not receive your diploma at that time.

        - Run your degree audit report once all your final semester grades have been processed. If it states, "All requirements identified below have been met," you will be certified for graduation.

        - You must have a cap and gown to participate in the ceremony. They are available for purchase at the UVM Bookstore.

        - University Honors will not be calculated until all grades for the spring semester are processed. The Latin Honors medallion may be picked up at 438 College Street during normal work hours before the Commencement celebration or will be given out during the CAS line-up.

        - Information and details about both UVM’s and CAS’s Commencement celebrations are available on the Commencement website, so check frequently for updates. Location changes due to bad weather are posted on the site starting at 6:00 a.m. on Commencement Day.



Important information for transfer students

Click here to see helpful information for transfer students to our College.