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Looking to declare, change, or reconsider your major? 

These resources may help. Majors do not necessarily dictate career paths, however figuring out the right program of study is nevertheless an important part of your career journey.

Taking coursework that engages, challenges and inspires will prepare you for success, and help you find the path that's right for you.

Helpful steps: 

  1. Explore UVM's list of majors, minors, and graduate programs.
  2. Connect with a Career Interest Group to learn more about how a particular major might translate to a range of diverse career paths.
  3. Listen to our Major Speed Dating Podcast to hear from fellow students about their major choices.
  4. Check out what alums are doing with the majors you're considering using UVMConnect.
  5. Ask friends, family, and fellow students about their interests and what they think you might be good at.
  6. Talk to the professors teaching the courses that interest you - they are experts in the field.
  7. Research potential pathways with our Exploring Resources.
  8. Be sure to also discuss your plans / interests with your Academic Advisor.

Pick a few steps to try and then drop by the Career Center to chat with someone about what you're finding (or make an appointment through Handshake).

Your major choice is unlikely to be a major mistake...

Consider what you enjoy, what you're good at, and your budding goals, then make a choice; remembering that:

Choosing a major is not the same as choosing a career.

All careers have multiple points of entry and your major could lead to any number of different jobs.

Doubts are natural

Choosing or changing a major is a decision that can feel daunting, but we’re here to support you.  Doubts may arise because of a “sophomore slump,” an encounter with a particular professor, or when thinking about potential post-grad opportunities. 

Many students change their major one or more times during their time at UVM. 

But do think critically about whether changing your major is what you really need - getting help at the Tutoring Center or joining a new club might be a way to resolve the challenges and doubts you are facing.

Staying in the wrong major can cause unnecessary stress.

While changing majors might seem stressful, by staying with the major you don't like, you may do poorly, leave school dissatisfied with your experiences, or be unprepared for the career you actually want.

Your college experience is more than just your major.

Make the most out of your college-years by getting engaged & gaining experience - in any way that works for you - volunteering, campus activities, athletics, internships, jobs and more! Our 4-Year Path can help you think about all these options.

Thinking about a change?

Ask Yourself...

  • Why did you choose your initial major in the first place? Did the reasons make sense then? What has changed?
  • What are your concerns with your current major? Are their issues with academic performance? Interpersonal difficulties? Have your interests changed? A mismatch with career goals?
  • Will a change of major add an additional semester or year to your undergraduate degree? Will it require some summer school classes? Can you afford the extra time or classes?
  • Could you consider a double major? A minor in another area? Might it make sense to consider graduate school to focus on the new interest? Or could you seek skills and knowledge in your new interest area through experiential learning opportunities such as internships, volunteering, or service-learning?

Run a "What If..." audit

Degree Works is UVM's degree audit system offering tools to aid students in tracking their progress toward degree completion. It also allows users to view how changing a major will affect degree progress in an accurate and meaningful way because it reflects the requirements in their own catalogue year. You can run a "What If" audit to see how your courses would apply if you decided to change your major, concentration, minor, or degree program. 

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