Toyib Aremu, Ph.D. Student, L4E Fellow

Toyib holds a master’s degree in Sustainable Development Practice from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. Since 2018, he has developed interest in addressing issues that affect smallholder farmers through research. This interest has taken him to four countries in Africa where he learned the different issues affecting agriculture in smallholder systems. His latest research work with the International Fertilizer Development Centre in Ghana focused on identifying stakeholders and their power in the country’s fertiliser value chain in preparation for engaging them on a multi-stakeholder platform. Toyib hopes to invest his time while at UVermont to deepen his research skills, learn more about evidence-based policymaking, and meet people with a similar vision of changing the world from the local level.

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Food security, rural development, smallholder farmers, evidence-based policymaking, agricultural policy, multi-stakeholder platforms.


  • MSc, University of Ibadan, Nigeria