Andrew May, Ph.D. Student

Andrew May is a PhD student working for UVM Extension’s Center for Sustainable Agriculture where he coordinates Extension’s pasture and grazing research and outreach activities. His work includes strategic planning for statewide grazing programming. Andrew hopes to develop his research interests at the nexus of human health, environmental sustainability, and policy development in the SDPEGS program.

Prior to joining UVM, Andrew worked to develop the capacity of numerous farm and food systems organizations throughout the U.S. as a coordinator, analyst, researcher, and consultant. As a graduate student, Andrew studied the capacity of food policy councils and their impact in rural communities, while expanding upon his background of school food development by examining nutritional content and environmental impact of meals served in U.S. school districts.

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Food Systems, School Food, Modeling, Governance Structures, Sustainable Diets


  • MS, Tufts University