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CDAE welcomes students interested in community and international development, community entrepreneurship, community media and journalism, strategic communication, applied design, consumer affairs, green building and community design, and applied economics.

Students in CDAE have the unique opportunity to craft a focus in one area or to explore the myriad components of what makes up the field of community development.

Explore CDAE Majors at UVM

Explore CDAE Minors at UVM

How to Change Your Major to CDAE

Interested in a major in CDAE? You can submit the major change form or contact one of our dedicated academic advisors to explore your options, course path, studying abroad, and our various programs and areas of focus.

If you are already a student in CALS, you can submit the major change form here:

Major Change Form for CALS Students

If you are a student in a college outside of CALS, you can submit a major change form here:

Major Change Form for Students Outside of CALS

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