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UVM's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences advances education, research, and scholarship across the life and social sciences to build a healthier, more sustainable planet. We study and improve life, from cells to society.

We study and improve life from cells to society

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) is home to six academic departments and UVM Extension. CALS students, faculty, and staff engage in teaching, research, and community outreach activities that promote sustainability and well-being. 

CALS has a vibrant and visible presence on our Burlington campus but reaches far beyond Burlington with educational facilities, research programs, and Extension outreach activities in every county of Vermont. 


Our mission is to deliver collaborative, transformative research, academics, and outreach that create critical thinkers and problem solvers to build resilient, sustainable, inclusive, and healthy communities and environments.


We envision a college that moves society continuously towards science-informed decisions to help our community and environments thrive.


The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers a diverse selection of undergraduate majors and graduate programs that cover broad fields of inquiry, spanning cells to society. 

Undergraduate Programs

CALS is home to 14 undergraduate majors and 19 minors spanning the life and social sciences. Our programs cover an exciting array of contemporary subjects. Whether you want to grow things, make things, discover a cure, or create change, CALS has a program that will meet your needs within our six undergraduate departments, our two programs that are shared with other UVM colleges, as well as our self-designed program option. 

Undergraduate programs

Graduate Programs

Our graduate programs offer opportunities to pursue specialized study, and inspire and motivate students through diverse research methods, transdisciplinary and systems thinking. In addition to our master’s and doctoral programs, we offer several professional programs and five accelerated Master's programs, enabling students to earn both their bachelor's and master's degree within five years. 

Graduate programs