• Walkway between Bailey Howe and Central Campus Residence Hall
  • Walkway between Bailey Howe and Central Campus Residence Hall

Planning, Design and Construction (PDC) is responsible for the built-environment of the University’s campuses, through facilitation and management of land use planning and capital development.  

Planning Services

Design & Construction Services

Services include development and implementation of the Campus Master Plan and land use planning policies, land use regulatory processes, space planning and mapping, and city/institutional relations.  The department is responsible for coordination and management of the design, construction and contract administration for the University’s capital projects, including new construction and major renovations, and implementation of sustainable design parameters and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards.  The PDC staff has the ability to design small scope architectural projects, select furnishings and interior finishes and is a resource for campus ADA and existing code review.    

Under the leadership of the Director of Facilities Management, the Planning, Design and Construction staff works to balance the preservation of the University’s historical treasures with the current and future needs of the University’s students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Below are some of our featured projects.

Billings - front of building

Billings Library Renovation


The renovation of this facility included a phased approach for the historic structure and the upper level of the 1984 addition.

The Special Collections were relocated from the Howe Library to Billings.

Given glass building

Firestone Medical Research Building

Completion scheduled Summer 2022

The objective of this project is to construct approximately 60,000 gross square feet of new laboratory research space adjacent to the Health Science Research Facility (HSRF) and move an equivalent amount of space from the Given Building into the new structure.

overview of athletic area on campus

On Campus Multipurpose Center

Completion scheduled for 2022

On-Campus Multipurpose Center as its highest priority facilities need in the Capital Plan for the institution. The Patrick/Forbush/Gutterson Complex, will receive an upgrade and expansion to UVM’s athletic facilities to better accommodate health, fitness, wellness, academic, athletic, events, and related programs.