The Investment Subcommittee is responsible for the oversight, hiring, and termination of managers and advisors engaged for the investment of the University’s Long-Term Investment Pool and reports on these actions at Budget, Finance, and Investment Committee (BFI) meetings. The Subcommittee is also assigned responsibilities related to the Wilbur Fund and for co-invested assets with the The University of Vermont Foundation per their respective investment management agreements. Between meetings of BFI, the Subcommittee makes decisions relating to investment managers and investments that are necessary in the best interests of the University. Additionally, the Subcommittee is responsible for adjusting individual investment allocations to conform to the University’s asset allocation policy and annually reviews the policy and make recommendations for BFI's consideration. The Subcommittee also oversees the work of the University Treasurer with respect to the execution of investment decisions and cash management policies in regards to the Limited-Term Investment Pool.


Robert Brennan (chair)
Don McCree (vice chair)
Susan Brengle

Agendas and Approved Minutes

Action items endorsed by the subcommittee and referred for board action are posted on the resolutions page upon approval.


June 22, 2022Agenda (PDF) 
June 10, 2022Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
April 20, 2022Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
February 22, 2022Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)


December 15, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
November 17, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
October 20, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
September 20, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
August 19, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
July 19, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
June 16, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
June 15, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
June 14, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
May 18, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
April 21, 2021Agenda (PDF) Minutes (PDF)
April 5, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
March 17, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
February 10, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
January 20, 2021Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)



December 16, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
November 18, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
October 14, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
September 17, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
August 12, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
July 15, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
June 17, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
May 12, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
April 15, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
March 10, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
February 11, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
January 15, 2020Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)



December 17, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
November 19, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
October 30, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
August 14, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
August 2, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
July 17, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
June 18, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
May 23, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
April 16, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
March 29, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
February 12, 2019Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)



December 19, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
November 15, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
October 24, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
September 26, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
August 7, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
July 18, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
June 20, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
May 23, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
March 28, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
February 14, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
January 30, 2018Agenda (PDF)Minutes (PDF)