Board and Committee Meetings

Under the University Bylaws, the President prepares the agenda for board meetings in consultation with the Board Chair. Committee agendas are set by the committee chairs in consultation with the Board Chair and with liaisons to the respective committees. The Board and/or committees may go into executive (closed) sessions only as permitted by Vermont's Open Meeting Law. On those occasions, the agenda will identify the exemption, anticipated length of the session, and whether any action is anticipated following. The chair decides, in consultation with the administrative liaison, and the Office of General Counsel, any non-trustee individuals who may remain during executive session. Attendance is limited to persons from whom information is needed.

Agendas are publicly noticed in advance of meetings and posted on committee pages.  Meetings are noticed via posting on the UVM calendar of events and through communications to senior leaders, governance leaders, the Communications Office, and dean’s offices. Full Board meeting materials are posted on the Board meeting dates, schedules, and materials webpage. Action items approved by the Board are posted on the resolutions page following each meeting.

Questions related to committee and/or board agendas may be directed to the Board of Trustees Office at 656-7898 or

Access to Board Meetings

Time is reserved at the beginning of each regularly scheduled Full Board meeting for a public comment period for members of the public to express views on issues germane to the Board. Requests to address the Board during the established public comment period must be submitted in writing in advance of the meeting. The Public Comment Request Form can be accessed on the Board's protocol for public comment webpage.

Communications to Trustees

Individuals, groups, and organizations are welcome to communicate to the Board Chair, trustees, and/or the President regarding matters pending before the Board, or otherwise. Correspondence may be directed to the attention of the Board of Trustees Office, 85 South Prospect Street, 349 Waterman Building, Burlington, VT, 05405 or submitted electronically to The Board Chair serves as the spokesperson for the Board.

All communications (written or submitted electronically via the e-mail) received through the Board of Trustees Office are shared with the Board Chair. It is the practice of the Board Chair to manage communications in one of the following ways:

(a) Respond directly to inquiries as to which a response from the Chair is appropriate;
(b) refer advisement to the President or an appropriate vice president for a response; or
(c) take under advisement a communication that does not require a response.

The Chair exercises discretion whether to forward a communication and/or a response to the Board as a whole or to administrators. 

The distribution of invitations to University events are coordinated with the Board of Trustees Office in accordance with the following guidelines.

  1. Requests for distribution of invitations to University events and/or University-related communications should be made to Trustee Coordinator Corinne Thompson ( or 656-7898) at least two days in advance of desired date for distribution. All requests are reviewed with the Board Chair to determine appropriateness, recognizing that trustees are volunteers, some of whom live out-of-state, and their attendance at ceremonial and social events outside of the regularly scheduled Board meetings may be limited.
  2. In addition to sending PDF copies of invitations and/or University-related communication, the following information is requested:
    • Desired distribution date
    • Name & title of the person the invitation/communication should be issued under (or on behalf of) and e-mail for receiving replies, if applicable
    • A brief overview of the event (depending on the type of event this might include the expected attendees, objective of the event, program details, role of the trustees, and web link to information about speaker/honoree(s), if applicable)
    • Requested RSVP date, if applicable
  3. Requestor will receive an e-mail confirmation from the Board of Trustees Office following issuance of invitation/communication.
  4. Sponsoring office is requested to follow up with the Board of Trustees Office on the RSVP due date to provide a list of trustees, and their guest(s) if applicable, planning to attend the event.

In the event that electronic invitations/communications are not possible:

  1. The Board of Trustees Office will provide mailing labels to the sponsoring office.
  2. The sponsoring office will provide a copy of the invitation to the Board of Trustees Office.
  3. Sponsoring office is requested to follow up with the Board of Trustees Office on the RSVP due date to provide a list of trustees, and their guest(s) if applicable, planning to attend the event.

As endorsed by the Committee on Board Governance: December 12, 2011