Established in September 2006, the Board Policy Manual articulates the University’s mission, vision, governance structure, Board of Trustees (Board) composition, membership, committees, and operations. The manual also includes policies and plans approved or adopted by the Board.

Independent of this manual, the University maintains an institutional policies website that includes policies approved by the President and other institutional officers, as authorized by the Board.

Table of Contents

V. Board Meetings

VIII. Institutional Policies

1. Campus Community Policies

1A. Our Common Ground
1B. Statement of Commitment and Expectations in the Workplace (PDF)
1C. Equal Opportunity

1. Equal Opportunity in Educational Programs and Activities and Non-Harassment (PDF)
2. Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action (PDF)

1D. Campus Safety and Security

1. Hazing (PDF)

1E. Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy (PDF)

2. Academic and Educational Policy

2A. Academic Freedom (PDF)
2B. Diversity (PDF)
2C. Posthumous Degrees (PDF)

3. Student Life

3A. Residency Policy - Undergraduate and Graduate Studies (PDF)
3B. Residency Policy - Larner College of Medicine (PDF)

4. Financial and Investment

4A. Cash Management and Liquidity Policy (PDF)
4B. Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives (PDF)
4C. Debt Policy (PDF)

4C1. Resolution Approving Amendments to the Debt Policy and Policies Regarding Funding of Capital Projects (PDF)
4C2. Debt Management Policy (PDF)

4D. Endowment Budget Policy (PDF)
4E. Endowment Administration Fee Policy (PDF)
4F. Investment Endowment Cash Policy PDF (PDF)
4G. Quasi-Endowment Policy (PDF)
4H. Proxy Votes and Shareholder Resolutions (PDF)
4I. Wilbur Fund Investment Management Agreement (PDF)
4J. Underwater Endowment Guidelines (PDF)
4K. Red Flag Rule Program (PDF)
4L. Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards Policy (PDF)

5. Facilities and Land Use

5A. Campus Plan
5B. University-Owned or Leased Land for Telecommunications Facilities (PDF)

5B1. Electromagnetic Broadcasting - Use Criteria (PDF)

5C. Natural Areas (PDF)

5C1. Natural Areas Regulations (PDF)

6. Development

6A. Gifts Policy (PDF)
6B. Investment Policy and Objectives for the Planned Giving Program (PDF)