Below, you will find schedules and materials for Board of Trustee meetings. To view individual meeting agendas and minutes, please refer to the various committee pages. It is important to note that materials posted on this page were distributed in advance of each respective meeting and may have been revised after originally distributed. Action items approved by the Board are posted on the resolutions page following each meeting.

Meeting Dates, Schedules & Materials
DateSchedules & Materials
October 25-26, 2024 
May 17-18, 2024 
February 9-10, 2024 
October 20-21, 2023

Schedule & Materials (PDF)

Written Reports to the Board (PDF)

May 19-20, 2023Schedule & Materials (PDF)
Written Reports to the Board (PDF)
February 10-11, 2023Schedule & Materials (PDF)
October 28-29, 2022Schedule & Materials (PDF)
May 20-21, 2022Schedule & Materials (PDF)
February 4-5, 2022Schedule & Materials (PDF)
October 29, 2021Schedule & Materials (PDF)
June 4, 2021Schedule & Materials (PDF)
February 5, 2021Schedule & Materials (PDF)
September 25, 2020Schedule & Materials (PDF)
May 15, 2020Schedule & Materials (PDF)
January 30-31, 2020Schedule (PDF)
Materials (PDF)
October 25-26, 2019Schedule (PDF)
Materials (PDF)
May 17-18, 2019Schedule (PDF)
Materials (PDF)
January 31-February 2, 2019Schedule (PDF)
Materials (PDF)
October 26-27, 2018Schedule (PDF)
Materials (PDF)
May 18-19, 2018Schedule (PDF)
Materials (PDF)
February 1-3, 2018Schedule (PDF)
Materials (PDF)