Student Temporary Parking Requests Between Thanksgiving Recess and Semester Break (November 21, 2022 – December 19, 2022)

There will be no temporary parking requests granted between Thanksgiving Recess and Semester Break as there is not extra space to accommodate these requests. Students with medical or mobility needs may still apply for short-term accommodations here:

Thanksgiving Recess-November 21, 2022-November 25, 2022 & Semester Break-December 19, 2022-January 13, 2023

Parking rules and regulations remain in effect during both break periods.  Time and location restrictions may be modified, but all motor vehicles must continue to display a valid parking permit during dates above.

Campus Area Transportation System (UVM CATS) Shuttle Information

  • Click here to see modified schedules and special destinations (Amtrak, Airport, Downtown Transit Center) provided by the campus shuttle system just prior to and during this period.

Leaving a Bicycle on Campus While Away

  • If you have a bicycle on campus, please consider taking it home with you over the break, or if leaving it on campus, please secure it appropriately in one of the indoor bike rooms. Bikes left outdoors on campus may impede snow removal, are subject to undue wear and tear from winter weather conditions and are often vulnerable to theft.

Residential Hall Students--Leaving a Motor Vehicle On Campus While Away

  • The upper deck above the Gutterson Garage is closed to overnight parking from 11:00 pm-7:00 am, November 15th through April 1st.  To allow for snow removal and maintenance, do not leave your vehicle parked in its assigned residential area. Vehicles with valid residential permits of any color designation must park within the interior levels of the Garage during the periods listed at the top of this page. Vehicles left on campus in Residential Lots are subject to towing without notice.
  • We realize all of you do not come and go at the same time. If you are leaving for break prior to November 14, or returning later than December 2, and leaving a car parked on campus in your absence, you must contact prior to November 14.
  • Those with fall semester permits expiring in December of 2022 must not leave their vehicle parked on campus during the semester break that begins on December 20, 2022 but must take your vehicle home.
  • You are responsible to know the expiration date of your permit prior to leaving or parking a motor vehicle.  Please refer to your account for all information regarding your current permit.

Student Commuters-- Leaving a Motor Vehicle On Campus If Away

  • Student Commuters with valid permits are not allowed overnight parking unless authorized in advance by the University. Exceptions may be made for an additional rate by contacting University Parking Services.

Daily Parking Needs

  • During the dates listed at the top of this page, all valid permits will be allowed parking in most campus parking lots. There will be no exceptions in the Beaumont Lot. This lot will be available for commuter permits only.
  • Please watch for signs and your UVM email indicating lot closures, snow removal, maintenance, and park accordingly.
  • Students may park in the pay-by-app/visitor spaces by payment during restricted hours.
  • Motorist assistance, motor vehicle jump-starts and lock-outs if parked on campus, will be available by calling Parking Services at 802-656-8686 during business hours, Mon-Thurs from 7:30 am-4:00 pm and until 3:00 pm on Fridays. After hours, weekends and administrative holidays please call Spillane’s Service Center directly for any lockouts or jump-starts at 802-863-7900. There is no charge for this service provided the vehicle is parked on University of Vermont campus property.

Note: Thanksgiving Break exceptions end with rules and regulations back in effect on the first day of classes, November 28, 2022.   Semester Break exceptions end with rules and regulations back in effect on the first day of classes January 17, 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (802) 656-8686 or