What is a Virtual Permit & LPR?

Virtual Permit means a permit which is issued by the issuing authority to the permit holder electronically
as an alternative to a paper permit, plastic hanging tag, or decal. License plate recognition (LPR)
technology captures and reads a vehicle license plate to confirm your vehicle or vehicles as specified in
I.(c) of the parking regulations, are registered with the University for permission to park on campus.
Starting August 2, 2021, the University will begin to issue virtual permits and use license plate
recognition ("LPR") software for parking enforcement and data on parking space utilization. Once a
license plate is scanned and read by the software, the information is sent to the UVM secured parking
database for validation.


• LPR offers convenience to our community through automated and self-service parking options.
• No need to worry about forgetting your permit or having it fall from the rearview mirror
• No longer must pay a replacement fee of $10.00 for lost or stolen permits
• Elimination of most office visits, individual and mass mailings
• Reduces paper/envelopes, ink, and plastic used for permit distribution
• Parking enforcement operations will be more streamlined and efficient.

Use of Data/Privacy

The sole use of data collected by the LPR system is for campus parking enforcement. LPR data is used to determine
a vehicle’s campus parking permissions and support the issuance of a university parking citation if needed.
The only information in the University’s secured parking database is motor vehicle information limited to license
plate, vehicle make, color, and style. Field staff can discern only the registrant’s affiliation with the University, the
vehicle’s assigned parking area, and University parking ticket history.


LPR data is collected on university managed parking lots and structures. The Office of Parking Services utilizes a
mobile vehicle-mounted system and handheld devices which are driven or operated by trained personnel in
parking locations throughout the University.

Data Retention

Data collected by the LPR resulting in a parking ticket is kept indefinitely. Other data and images are kept for 365


Forthcoming in August of 2021, Parking Services will notify the UVM community and public of its LPR data
collection activities and rules and regulations via:

• Posting of a privacy procedure on the Parking Services website.
• Publishing of this LPR procedure on the department’s rules and regulations document.
• Posted signage at each entrance to campus.

Additionally, an e-mail to each user of a registered vehicle or vehicles as specified in I.(c) of the parking
will be sent to the registered UVM e-mail address containing rules and regulations and general
information pertaining to the use of LPR and its parking management system. It is important for each registered user to maintain and update their contact information with our parking management system to receive important notices.