Setting up OneNote

UVM's Office 365 includes OneNote, an application used for creating and organizing notes in a searchable way. OneNote users can compile notes from multiple different sources to better manage their course notes and files. OneNote stores your notes on Microsoft's Cloud Storage service, OneDrive. As such, you will also need to set up OneDrive for OneNote to work. OneDrive accounts can be created at UVM Staff and Faculty: HIPAA and FERPA protected information, as well as any Read more [...]

JMP Pro 11 Setup

The purpose of this is to act as a walkthrough on setting up JMP Pro 11. You will notice this is done on a Mac but the process is pretty much the same on a Windows machine. The most common issue with this installation process is that the installer is buried within about five directories. Throughout this tutorial we will attempt to walk you through the process but if any questions come please contact the UVM Tech Team. Start by downloading JMP 11 from the UVM Software Archive. To get there type Read more [...]

Netbeans Setup

The following process is supplemental to the instructions provided by your course instructor. These instructions are intended as a supplement to the instructions provided by your professor. Downloading NetBeans (with HTML and PHP) These instructions should work if you are installing NetBeans on a Apple or Windows machine. Please make sure to select the relevant platform when downloading NetBeans. Visit Choose to download the bundle under PHP marked by the Read more [...]

Installing Casper for Mac OS X management

PREREQUISITES Client computer will need to have: - OS X 10.9 Mavericks or OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion - an unencrypted boot disk INSTALLING CASPER To install and encrypt with Casper: 1) Open a web browser and go to 2) Log in with your UVM NetID and password               3) Download and install the QuickAdd.pkg installer per the instructions on the page.                 4) Read more [...]

Interpreting IP addresses on the UVM network

Explanation of what the IP address for a computer connected to the UVM network (or trying to connect) indicates Read more [...]

Installing and Setting up Thunderbird: Macintosh

Instructions on how to install Thunderbird, and set it up to connect to your UVM email address. Read more [...]

iOS6 how to forget a network

Installing the Volume Licensed Office 2016 on UVM-owned computers: Mac

PGP and netID account password changes-Mac

MAC OS: Password changes on PGP encrypted computers UVM Faculty and Staff using macs will not have those computers joined to the CAMPUS domain. They should still use the netID and the netID account password when the PGP pop up for enrollment with the PGP server comes up.  These directions assume that the client used their netid password to enroll that account with their macOS computer on the PGP server. THERE MUST BE TWO ACCOUNTS ON THE COMPUTER TO MAKE THE CHANGE, BOTH ACCOUNTS MUST BE LISTED Read more [...]