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The Student Government Association (SGA) at the University of Vermont represents the opinions, ideas, and beliefs of the undergraduate student body. Student senators work to communicate the concerns and views of undergraduate students to the University’s Administration to foster change and enhance the student experience across campus.

Governance Overview

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How Can I Engage with SGA?

The SGA Senate meets in the Livak Ballroom on the 4th floor of the Dudley H. Davis Center every Tuesday at 7:00PM. We also livestream our meetings weekly on our Instagram.

All students are welcome to come by to hear what we are working on, and all students are also welcome to share their thoughts and concerns by scheduling a time to speak during Public Forum. If you'd like to present a topic or an idea to the Senate during Public Forum, please use this link to sign up!

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Who are my Reps?

UVM’s Student Government is comprised of 42 elected student officials - making up the President, Vice President, and a number of senatorial seats. All are students advocating for the betterment of the undergraduate experience at UVM.

Learn more about your SGA Reps

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What is SGA Working On?

The Student Government Association is made up of 8 committees - From club affairs to the committee on the environment, these committees are tasked with identifying an agenda for their specific area and working to improve the student experience on our campus year round.

Find out what SGA is working on

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SGA Elections

Interested in getting involved in student government?  From President and Vice President to senatorial seats, there are a variety of ways (and times) for all class years to engage with SGA.  Run for office, share your voice, and make your mark on your institution.

Learn more about SGA Elections

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Meeting Minutes & Resolutions

Get a play-by-play on what was discussed at each SGA meeting, check out your senator's voting record, and see what legislation is being talked about.

View the SGA Meeting Minutes here ➝

View the Resolution submitted October 29, 2023 here ➝

View the Resolution submitted February 27, 2024 here ➝

View the Resolution submitted April 28, 2024 here ➝

View the Resolution submitted April 30, 2024 here ➝

SGA Constitution

SGA's Constitution makes up the guiding principles and policies of SGA.

See SGA's Constitution ➝



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Let's Chat

Student Government Association
Dudley H. Davis Center
590 Main Street, Room 311
Burlington, VT 05405

Phone: (802) 656-2053
Fax: (802) 656-7719
E-Mail: uvmsga@uvm.edu

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