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Lake Champlain Videos is a series of recently-released videos to help people understand the lake and its processes and the actions people can take to protect and improve water quality and keep themselves and their pets safe. Visit our YouTube Channel to see the full playlist.

For Lake Champlain Sea Grant publications that include scientific journal articles, reports, brochures, fact sheets, videos, public service announcements, and other materials about our research, outreach, and education related to the Lake Champlain basin, search below.

Road Salt: Minimizing Its Use 2

Published 2020
A public service announcement about road salt and how and why to minimize its use to protect our waterways.

Spatial and temporal variation in sedimentary phosphorus species in Lake Champlain (Vermont, New York, Québec)

Published 2020
This scientific journal article by Suzanne Levine analyzed the distribution and accumulation of P in varying parts of the Lake Champlain Basin. 11 core sites were determined around the lake and the cores were analyzed in a lab for stable isotopes, pigments, diatoms, nutrients, 210Pb dating, etc. The sediment accumulation rates between the different cores varied dramatically. Concentrations of P varied both spatially and temporally in the analyses. The analysis split the historic accumulation of P into four intervals of development in the Lake Champlain Basin, pre-settlement, early-settlement, mid-settlement, and modern.

Watershed Alliance STEM Science Fair - February 2020

Published 2020
Lake Champlain Sea Grant's Watershed Alliance hosted an educational STEM Watershed Science Fair in partnership with CFES Brilliant Pathways at their facility in Essex, New York in February 2020. Students learned about the watershed and its impact on the community in which they live.

Zoom a Scientist Webinar Series

Published 2020
With school closings in spring 2020 due to COVID-19, we remained committed to our mission to develop and share science-based knowledge to benefit the environment and economies of the Lake Champlain basin. Our Education Team responded with a webinar series featuring scientists and their research related to Lake Champlain and its watershed twice weekly.

Geologic Timeline of the Lake Champlain Basin

Published 2019
This poster illustrates the geologic timeline of the Lake Champlain basin from one billion years ago to formation of freshwater Lake Champlain about 9,000 years ago.

Microplastics in Lake Champlain

Published 2019
Mountain Lake PBS interviewed Mark Malchoff, Aquatic Resources Specialist with Lake Champlain Sea Grant, which has funded research by SUNY Plattsburgh researchers into the problem of microplastic pollution in Lake Champlain.