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Effects of different soil media, vegetation, and hydrologic treatments on nutrient and sediment removal in roadside bioretention systems

Published 2018
This scientific journal article by Stephanie Hurley and others measured the nutrient loads of eight different bioretention systems in their third and fourth year of implementation. The study found these bioretention systems were successful at mitigating volume and peak flow retention, and reducing TSS concentrations, loads, and EMCs but not as successful at reducing the nutrient load of the water. The results suggest that increased storm size will negatively affect the nutrient removal efficiency of these systems.

How Long Are the Roots

Published 2018
Sign that describes how grass grows and part of an educational display showing real grass growing with roots visible. This project is part of the Raise the Blade campaign.

Influence of critical bioretention design factors and projected increases in precipitation due to climate change on roadside bioretention performance

Published 2018
This scientific journal article by Stephanie Hurley and others assessed how design factors of bioretention systems influence flow rates and pollutant mass removal. This research compared the labile and nonlabile pollutant mass (TSS, N, and P species) captured or released by bioretention cells with different vegetation compositions and soil media treatments on an equal volume basis in eight roadside bioretention systems.

Microplastic Pollution: A Survey of Wastewater Effluent in the Lake Champlain Basin

Published 2018
This poster displays research by Danielle Garneau and her students at SUNY Plattsburgh to survey for microplastics from wastewater treatment facility post-treatment effluent from the city of Plattsburgh, NY and beginning in fall 2016 from St Albans, VT, Ticonderoga, NY, and Burlington, VT. This research was funded by Lake Champlain Sea Grant.