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Rain Garden Manual for Vermont and the Lake Champlain Basin The Rain Garden Manual for Vermont and the Lake Champlain Basin is a resource for homeowners, local officials, or anyone interested in protecting water quality. The current version was published in May 2021 and includes updates to design specifications, installation, and even potential impacts of climate change on your rain garden.

The web pages in the links below provide supplemental information for those of you who wish to dig a little deeper into certain topic areas mentioned in the manual. 

Supplemental Information

List of Seed Mixes/Plants: Peruse through a complete plant list and check out some seed mixes for local/regionally sourced native plant species. Here you'll find plant databases that are specific to the colder temperatures that we experience in Vermont.

Climate Change and Rainfall: Learn about the impacts that climate change can have on your rain garden. Use our interactive tools to see how both the frequency and intensity of precipitation events is expected to increase in the coming years.

Soils: Learn how to conduct a soil test and view some examples of different soil types.

Design Inspirations: Stuck on designing your rain garden or not sure where to begin? View some examples of rain garden planting plans here to draw inspiration!

Wood Chips: Read about the benefits that wood chips can provide over bark mulch.

Curb Cut Rain Gardens: Visit this page to learn about the benefits of curb cuts, when permitting is required, and pre-treating stormwater.

Front cover of The Vermont Rain Garden Manual published in 2008 2008 Vermont Rain Garden Manual

The original Vermont Rain Garden Manual was published in 2008. This version includes plant lists and sample garden designs. The updated 2021 version can be found at the top of this page.

Download the 2008 Vermont Rain Garden Manual (PDF)



How-to Guides

Introduction to the ANR Atlas:  haven't gotten started yet? Explore the ANR Atlas to help you assess your property prior to construction of your rain garden. Use this help guide (PDF) to navigate the site.

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