Mission & Goals

Our Mission

Lake Champlain Sea Grant develops and shares science-based knowledge to benefit the environment and economies of the Lake Champlain basin. Our audience is business, state, and local leaders and the communities they serve.

Program Goals

Our goals support ecosystem-based approaches to planning and management that consider the lake and its entire drainage basin as a whole interconnected, complex system. Through outreach, education, and applied research, Lake Champlain Sea Grant strives to meet the following goals:

Resilient Communities and Economies

  • Sustain and protect water resources to meet emerging needs of the communities, economies, and ecosystems of the Lake Champlain basin.
  • Improve resilience of coastal communities and economies to changing environmental conditions.

Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development

  • Inform an environmentally literate, engaged, and diverse public to improve community well-being in a changing Lake Champlain basin.
  • Enable a diverse and skilled workforce to engage in the science and management of watershed and coastal resources in the Lake Champlain basin.

Healthy Coastal Ecosystems

  • Protect, enhance, and restore the Lake Champlain basin's habitat, ecosystems, and the services they provide.
  • Apply sound science, tools, and services to sustain land, water, and living resources.