Greensboro Bend

Greenboro Bend aerial photo

Greensboro Bend is a 314-acre village within Greensboro Town. In the words of its community members, the Greensboro Bend landscape is, “A pretty typical small Vermont town. One of those that if you blink, you miss it. And there’s a lot of those in Vermont,” “its own little climate world,” ''a cocoon,” and “almost like going into a new weather system; down into the Bend, it is a different kind of cold.”

This study of Greensboro Bend was conducted by Lauren S. Sopher while in the UVM Field Naturalist & Ecological Planning Graduate Program, and its consequent paper (PDF) was published June 2019. Her work provided all the content related to Greensboro Bend on these pages. The Greensboro Conservation Commission sponsored the project.