New Haven

Written by Emma Stuhl

New Haven, VT - Chartered 1761The small town of New Haven, Vermont, greets residents and visitors with expansive views of fields and forests, rolling hills, and the rising mountains of Green Mountain National Forest. Directly north of Middlebury, New Haven is home to the beloved Addison County Fair and Field Days, the largest agricultural fair in Vermont. With a population of approximately 1,700, the town is small enough that many residents say they feel neighborly camaraderie even with those who live on the other side of town.

This web page begins to explore the physical, cultural, and ecological landscapes of New Haven, and considers how the natural world and human culture have impacted each other and will continue to do so. From the New Haven Mills’ commercial use of the river to the lime kiln that provided fertilizer and plaster for people near and far, New Haven’s cultural history is intimately tied to the land.

Points of interest, New Haven, Vt.
Points of interest, New Haven, Vermont