South Burlington

The location of South Burlington at a rural-urban interface gives it many unique qualities. Along the eastern edge of town flows Muddy Brook, it meets Winooski River curving around the north side of South Burlington before opening into Lake Champlain. The town’s Northwestern corner, neighboring Burlington, provides access to many amenities including shopping, restaurants and cultural events. Red Rocks Park encompasses much of the Southwestern corner of town, allowing easy access to incredible views and recreational opportunities along the shores of Lake Champlain. The Southeast Quadrant of South Burlington has been designated as critical natural resource conservation area.

Within South Burlington are many friendly neighborhoods as well as several working agricultural operations. From streams to shores, communities to farms, the landscape of South Burlington holds many incredible aspects waiting to be discovered.

The landscape today results from thousands of years of changes and will continue to evolve in the future. Remnants from the glacial era to the initial settlement of the area by the Abenaki to the more recent modern developments, all contribute to the landscape and character of South Burlington.