There is an ever-growing set of resources available to anyone interested in landscape analysis and place-based education. Many wonderful books and articles have been written on these topics, and we have put together a bibliography of recommended reading. There are also numerous web sites that provide invaluable information and a wealth of ideas and inspiration.s

Place-based Education

Orion Society
Our Curriculum Matters
Promise of Place
Vermont Geographic Alliance
Burlington Geographic
UVM: Center for Research on Vermont
ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center


Perkins Museum at UVM
Vermont Geological Survey
UVM Geology Department
Bedrock Geologic Map of Vermont
The U.S. Geological Survey
UVM: Vermont Geological Society


Vermont Center for Geographic
Information (VCGI)

U.S. Climate Data - Vermont

Cultural History

Burlington Geographic
Vermont Historical Society
UVM: Landscape Change Program
UVM: Consulting Archaeology Program (CAP)
UVM: Center for Research on Vermont
State of Vermont Archives
UVM: Center for Rural Studies
Historic topographic maps
Vermont Division for Historic Preservation
Vermont Archaeological Society
Vermont Barn Census
UVM: student researched Barn Census
Historic Barn Preservation Brief -National Park Service

Ecological Resources

Fisheries Program: VT Department of Fish and Wildlife
Vermont Water Quality
USGS Water Science Center: New Hampshire / Vermont
New England Wild Flower Society
USDA Plants Database
USDA Protected Plant in Vermont
Herpetology Atlas
Vermont Breeding Bird Atlas
Keeping Track, Inc.
Mammals: Vermont Fish And Wildlife

Conservation Leadership

UVM: Field Naturalist Program
Vermont Land Trust
The Nature Conservancy
Switzer Foundation
Conservation Study Institute
Vermont Youth Conservation Corp