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The University of Vermont (UVM), the UVM Larner College of Medicine (LCOM), and the UVM Medical Center (UVMMC) are three separate but related organizations, and use similar but distinct systems for things like email, accounts and passwords, and technical support.

This article provides distinctions and comparisons between the systems and support routes of the three organizations.

To skip this information and go straight to specific per-organization employee info, use the links below:

Resources for UVM Medical Center Employees

Resources for UVM Larner College of Medicine Employees

User Account and Logins

  • UVM uses a NetID – see our Knowledge Base article on UVM Accounts and Access.
  • LCOM uses a COMID, which is likely the same as your UVM NetID but has a different password. Generally speaking, you should only use your COMID when signing in to sites that include med.uvm.edu. Sites ending in microsoft.com or zoom.us may use your LCOM credentials as well, but take your @med.uvm.edu sign-on email address as the username. This email address could be <your COMID>@med.uvm.edu, but is more likely <first>.<last>@med.uvm.edu. The associated password can be reset using this page.
  • UVMMC uses their own network ID, often referred to as an “m-number” or “p-number”, which begins with a letter followed by some numbers.  The associated password can be reset using this page.

Email Access

  • UVM email addresses end with “@uvm.edu”.  Information on UVM’s email system can be found here.
  • LCOM email addresses end with “@med.uvm.edu”.  LCOM’s email system can be accessed through Outlook on an LCOM computer or through the web using these instructions.
  • UVMMC email addresses end with “@uvmhealth.org”.  UVMMC’s email system can be accessed using the Remote Access Gateway.  Instructions can be found here.

Technical Support Contacts


The UVM Medical Center is a regional, academic healthcare center and teaching hospital, and works in alliance with the University of Vermont.

The Larner College of Medicine is one of the University of Vermont’s Colleges, but uniquely maintains several separate systems for things like email and device management.

I work for LCOM. Can I still get support from UVM IT?

Your UVM NetID and LCOM account passwords may be different

While your NetID and LCOM usernames may be the same, these passwords are managed separately.

Yes, though if you’re using an LCOM-specific instance or application, the LCOM Information Systems team may be the appropriate group to assist you.

If you’re attempting to sign into a service like myUVM, PeopleSoft, Blackboard/Brightspace, or another centrally-supported service, you’d contact the UVM Tech Team.

I work for the UVM Medical Center exclusively. Can I sign into UVM systems?

Generally, UVMMC employees do not have access to UVM services because they don’t have a UVM NetID.

You may have a UVM NetID if you took a class at UVM in the past or you actively work at UVM, though your access may be limited depending on the status of your account.

Updated on September 11, 2023

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