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Set an Automatic Reply message

This article will walk you through setting and configuring your Automatic Reply (Vacation Message) in Outlook for Web (OWA).

  1. Log into Outlook for Web by visiting mail.uvm.edu.
  2. Click on the gear in the top right corner, and Automatic replies.
    auto-reply 1
  3. Select the Send automatic replies option and check the box next to Send replies only during this time period. Then, enter the start and end times for when your Auto Reply message should be effective, and fill out the auto reply.
    auto reply 2
  4. Beneath your message, you can optionally check the box next to send automatic reply messages to senders outside my organization. Be sure to copy and paste your original message into this field, making any appropriate edits.
  5. Click OK at the top of the window. You should now have set up an automatic reply/vacation message.
    away message 4


Updated on September 10, 2021

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