PeopleSoft HCM

PeopleSoft HCM is UVM’s HR and Payroll platform where employees can view their paycheck, benefits, submit and approve time, and much more.

PeopleSoft HCM access requires Duo MFA

If you do not already have a device enrolled in Duo MFA, please see this guide.

Sign into PeopleSoft Human Resources

PeopleSoft User Interface Guide (PDF)

Video Tour of the PeopleSoft User Interface

Upon logging into PeopleSoft HCM, most employees will see a homepage broken into several tiles, as below:

PeopleSoft HCM Tiles

UVM Help and Information

This tile is used by the PeopleSoft administrators to display information about important updates, and links to job aids and other materials.

UVM Time Entry

Click this tile to be brought to the page to enter time and view payable time details. Further instructions on entering time can be found in the Payroll, Additional Pay, Retros & Salary Distribution, Time Entry & Approval section of this Payroll page. 

This page is also used by time approvers and those who manually enter time for employees and others.

Your Approvals

If you have time to approve for your employees, a message will appear here. This tile will also indicate if you have other items that need to be approved. These items could be:

  • ePARs
  • Salary Distribution Change Requests
  • Out of State forms
  • Temp Hire Forms (Coming soon!)
  • Additional Pay Requests

UVM Benefits

In this tile, you can do the following:

  • Update Dependent’s Social Security number
  • View information about your Flexible Spending Account contributions
  • View a summary of your Benefits
  • Complete a Dependent Child Tuition Certification form

UVM Learning + Degrees

In this tile, you can do the following:

  • Add your Degree and School information
  • Sign up for Professional Development and Training Classes
  • View the status of your Training Request
  • View a summary of your Training
  • Add Professional Training that you have completed outside of UVM Professional Development and Training, if desired.

Personal Details

When you click this tile, you will see a dashboard similar to the one below:

If you click a tile, you will be brought to a navigation collection.

This is where you can update your photo in PeopleSoft, change your address, contact details, ethnic group(s), emergency contacts, disability and veteran status.

Click the green arrow next to your name to navigate to other self-service pages previously mentioned in this document.

Business Manager

If your PeopleSoft HCM access includes more pages than the basic employee self-service pages, you will see a few additional tiles, depending on your access.

UVM Business Manager

We have done analysis to determine the most frequently used pages and have attempted to group them into logical groups. This was built using the ‘Navigation Collection’ technology.

The first page in this ‘Navigation Collection’ is the query viewer. Your Favorite queries will display here. At the bottom is a link to PeopleSoft Financials.

Note that the ePar collection will open in a new window and display the same page that you currently see:

Something missing from the UVM Business Manager navigation collection?

Please submit a help request and we will let the PeopleSoft Team know.

UVM Reports & Queries

This tile groups together frequently used Reports and Queries, as well as some helpful external links. This tile is built using the Workcenter technology, so it looks and feels a little different than the UVM Business Manager tile.

On the Reports tab, there is a section for reports and a section for queries.

You can click the gear icon next to the drop-down arrow in the top right corner to hide links, view other personalization options, or log a Footprint to request assistance.

See this job aid for more information on personalizing a WorkCenter.

Using the Navigator

Then Navigator allows users to move rapidly through menus in PeopleSoft. Open Navigator by clicking the button in the top right corner and selecting Navigator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my PeopleSoft/Employee ID?

Your Employee ID can be found on your Timesheet. Please see the the section in this article on Submitting Time.

You can also find your Employee ID on your paycheck.

How do I submit time?

Payroll Schedule

You can view the Payroll schedule here:

The following Time Submission instructional pdfs can be found on the Payroll User Guides page.

How do I set up direct deposit?

Double Check your Entries

Please be positive that you are entering in the correct bank information.

Click here for Payrolls’s instructions on adding or editing Direct Deposit. This pdf can also be found on the Payroll User Guides page.

How do I view my paycheck?

You can find Payroll’s instructions on viewing paychecks on their User Guides page.

I am no longer employed by UVM and cannot access my W2.

Please contact UVM Payroll. They will work to assist you in obtaining your W2.

I am getting a Developer Login option when trying to log into PeopleSoft.

If you log into PeopleSoft HCM and see the following, please try clearing your cache and cookies, then log back into PeopleSoft.

If this issue persists, contact your manager, who may work with Payroll to confirm you have appropriate access to PeopleSoft.

Updated on March 15, 2022

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