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Getting Connected at UVM

Connecting to WiFi

There are 3 wireless networks available on UVM campus:

  • UVM 
  • UVM Guest
  • eduroam
    • eduroam allows users (researchers, teachers, students, staff) from participating institutions to securely access the Internet from any eduroam-enabled institution.
    • This means visitors from other eduroam-enabled institutions can sign into eduroam on UVM campus with their universities’ credentials.
    • To connect to eduroam at another university, enter your netid@uvm.edu address and NetID password when authenticating.
    • Connection instructions can be found here.

What will/won’t connect

Some devices may not be compatible with the UVM wireless network. For more information about why this is and which devices may be incompatible, see the WiFi Compatibility guide.

Many devices that are unable to connect to UVM WiFi can connect to the wired network. See below.

Connecting to Ethernet (Wired network)

A wired connection provides a faster, more reliable and consistent connection, and is recommended whenever possible.

If you are connecting to Ethernet in a dorm, please see our article on res-hall ports.

Before connecting to the wired network, you will need to register your device for network use. You will need an Ethernet cable and a device with an Ethernet port or adapter.

List of locations that require NetReg

This list is not exhaustive

  • 438 College St
  • 601 Main St, ROTC
  • Admissions_IRT
  • Blundell
  • Cohen
  • Delehanty Hall
  • ERP Colchester
  • Extension Roosevelt Hwy
  • Farrell Hall
  • Forest Service
  • HighPoint
  • Interfaith
  • Jeffords
  • Kalkin
  • Mann Hall
  • Mansfield
  • McCauley Hall
  • Nolin House
  • Print and Mail
  • Terrill
  • The Villa
  • Votey
  • Waterman Lab

Registering your device

Before connecting your device to the wired network, you will need to register your device.

  • If you are trying to connect a desktop or laptop computer to the internet via Ethernet, visit netreg.uvm.edu and follow the steps to register your machine.
  • For game console or media device internet connections via Ethernet, please visit https://go.uvm.edu/playonline.
  • If you are using an adapter to connect your device to the wired network, you will need to register the MAC address of the adapter itself at https://go.uvm.edu/playonline. You do not need to register the device.
Updated on July 13, 2022

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