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Finding your IP Address

An IP address is useful information when troubleshooting networking issues. Below are guides for obtaining your macOS or Windows IP Address.


  1. Click the  in the top-left corner of your screen. From the menu that appears, select “System Preferences“.
  2. From the System Preferences window, select “Network“.
  3. From the Network Settings window, select the network interface you’re connected to. In this example, we’re connected via Wi-Fi. The IP address will appear under the connection status details.


  1. First, right click the wifi or network  icon in the icon tray in the bottom right corner of your machine.
  2. Click the “Open Network & Internet Settings” option.
  3. Under the Status menu, click “View your network properties”.
  4. Your IP address can be located in the IPv4 address row.

Game Consoles and Media Devices

WPA2 Enterprise provides a number of additional configuration options critical to UVM’s wireless infrastructure. However, Game Consoles and Media Devices are not coded for use on such a network, as these devices are made for common consumer network configurations, such as those on your standard home wireless router.

Please see our Device Compatibility guide here.

Please see our guide on Finding a MAC Address here.

The following table outlines the various IP addresses you may have when connecting to the UVM network, as well as some other IP addresses useful in the troubleshooting process.

Here the first two sets of numbers are used to determine which network you are connected to. The next two sets of numbers are more specific to your device and can be important information for troubleshooting network connectivity issues.

IP Address Description
132.198.xxx.xxx Valid Wired or SSLVPN IP Address
10.241.xxx.xxx Valid SSLVPN2 IP Address
10.245.xxx.xxx Valid UVM Wireless IP
10.247.xxx.xxx Valid Guestnet IP
192.168.xxx.xxx Common Home Router IP
10.242.xxx.xxx Unregistered Wired – Limited access to www.uvm.edu sites only
169.254.xxx.xxx Self-Assigned IP – No Internet Access


Updated on January 7, 2021

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